TL718 OBD2 diagnostic chip(ET7190 Recommended)

TL718 chip is a OBD2 protocol chip which is in communication with the vehicle, which supports 16 kinds of conventional vehicle communication protocols. The chip for the old products, the new design is not recommended for use. ET7190 function is more full-funtional and more performance.



Documentation and Software

TL718 Support Protocols

1. J1850VPW 10.4kbps
2. J1850PWM 41.6kbps
3. ISO9141-2
4. ISO14230 (KWP2000) 5baud init auto baudrate
5. ISO14230 (KWP2000) Fast Init 10.4kbps
6. CAN ISO15765 11bits 500kbps)
7. CAN ISO15765 29bits 500kbps)
8. CAN ISO15765 11bits 250kbps)
9. CAN ISO15765 29bits 250kbps)
A. CAN J1939
D. ADDL160
E. ALDL8192
F. KW1281
G. CAN TP2.0


TL718 Price

Package : SO28     Packing : Tube
Price : 100.00 RMB   


TL718 Diagnostic Cable for RS232

Price : 460.00 RMB


TL718 Diagnostic Cable for USB

Price : 460.00 RMB


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